Monday, November 08, 2010

Teeny Tiny Cards : A Review

I picked up this charming little gem at the library. Jane LaFeria's book, Teeny Tiny Cards: Little Projects That Make a Big Impression, appeals to card makers, collage artists, and scrapbooking experts alike. I love to make cards. I love the tactile feel of decorative papers. I love the visual appeal of the combination of art and words. My favorite idea, entitled stacked deck (it's in lowercase in the book), pertains to making collage on playing cards. Have you ever had a deck that does not contain 52 cards? (Insert joke about not playing with a full deck here.) What a brilliant idea. I may try that out. The book contains templates, contributing designers, and an index. (I'm a librarian. I love a books that has an index. Geek alert.) This book contains big ideas. Kudos, Jane LaFeria! :)

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