Friday, December 17, 2010

Blanketing the Spirit

I wait patiently (okay, a bit impatiently) for the St. Vincent de Paul truck to arrive and remove donated boxes from the enclosed porch so I can get on with my day and run a few errands. It is more than that today, though. It is more than the cathartic and mundane task of boxing up unwanted goods in hopes to simplify life and create more living space. This morning I packed a quilt from college and gently placed a crocheted blanket on top of it. After closing and marking the box, I sent positive vibes to the persons who would receive the blankets. As a result of this intention, my spirit lifted. As a result of this intention, my spirit experienced the tiniest paradigm shift, a softening of the surface of a newly hardened anti-holiday shell. As a result of this intention, I want to create and/or find blankets to share with others. As a result, I hope to create more moments-however fleeting-of joy in the spirit, even around difficult times. And I believe, this sparks happiness of the spirit, in its purest form.


Chris said...

Lori - I love how you not only donated blankets to those in need, you sent positive vibes as well, making those wonderful blankets even MORE warm and cozy!

Izze's Art said...

What a lovely post. Your sentiments about the quilt and blankets were so beautifully written.

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