Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chicago Excursion: Part One

Steve and I planned a mid-week overnight getaway to lovely Chicago. This was our Christmas present. We left South Bend in the mid-afternoon and drove downtown. Steve conquered the highway and the Dirty Dan (Dan Ryan Expressway) as if we existed in a video game. Fortunately, Steve's driving style is assertive and safe. I keep trying to tell my anxious side that. At least I did not apply the imaginary brakes. We planned on attending the Jim Henson exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry. However, the exhibit sold out. That was fine, though. Steve and I revisited our memories of past visits to the museum. We cooed at the newly born chicks under the glass incubator. (A mother said to her son behind me, "In a couple months, they are going to be KFC." Perhaps that did not traumatize her brood, but her comment slightly traumatized me! We visited the fairy castle, played with the virtual butterflies and the shadows, watched virtual landslides and tornado, and looked at both new technology and old past artifacts of history. We enjoyed ourselves. After we tired of the museum and the energy of the masses of people, we drove to the Swissotel. It is a lovely, eco-friendly hotel located on Wacker Street near the Chicago River. The doormen greeted us with smiles. We smiled in return because our parking price was cut in half because we drove a hybrid. (We found this out online when we booked the hotel.) So the kindly staff took Kumi away and we entered the lobby. We checked in. Ironically, our room was located on the 39th floor. (I am 39. I thought this was interesting.) We opened the door to our room. We enjoyed the spectacular view of buildings, part of the Chicago River, and Lake Michigan. (In the hallway next to the elevators, you can see Navy Pier.) The bathroom was spacious, as it fit both a bathtub and a shower. I melted into the luxurious king-size bed. A chair and ottoman fit near the bed, as well as another chair and desk.

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