Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chicago Excursion: Part Two

After settling into the hotel, we decided on dining at Big Bowl. This is a wonderful venue featuring Asian cuisine. We took the elevator back down to the lobby and the doorman hailed us a cab. (In warmer weather, we would have hoofed it, but we were too tired and it was cold.) A few minutes later, we arrived at the restaurant, paid the cab driver, and entered the restaurant. The host and hostess were friendly. They gave us a booth right away. A few minutes later, our waiter arrived. His name was Angel. ( I thought this was interesting because I love angels. More interesting occurences like this happened during our trip.) Angel was a great waiter and very kind. He told us we were "good people." We ordered wonderful cuisine. I enjoyed a vegetable stir fry with a glass of Reisling. Steve enjoyed a Thai dish with peanut sauce (jealous) and the green tea ginger ale. After enjoying a great meal, we cabbed back to our hotel. We relaxed in the room. Steve curled up with a book and I opted for a nap before our friend M. visited us after work. We took the elevator down to meet her in the lobby. Interestingly, the Lounge in the Lobby closed early despite the signs that it was open until 2:00 a.m. (Change your signage, please.) We met M. in the lobby and decided to go upstairs and hang out and get room service. Room service options were scarce and expensive, so we opted for Chicago delivery pizza. M. ordered the 'za, she ordered a bottle of red for us via room service, and we sat down and chatted until 3:00 a.m. It was a great night catching up with a wonderful friend.

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