Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hilarious "Wiinjury" and Flying Squirrel Arms

(Borrowed from Google Images)
No, there is not a misspelling in the title. It was truly a "Wiinjury." My friend teased me and said, "You actually got an injury from a Wii?" Yep. Well, it was not just the Wii. I played an X-Box dancing game, Rock Band III (drums), and then I overdid it by playing Wii Just Dance II. As mentioned in the previous post, I received a hangover in my right shoulder. After a few days, several applications of IcyHot, and dosings of naproxen (Aleve), I decided to visit the local Medpoint after teaching class. Shooting pain started traveling down my shoulder, down my arm, and into my hand. I feared nerve damage.
So I enter the doors and check-in. I make conversation with the kindly assistant at the desk, who ends up knowing my husband's father (small world--happens all the time to me in the Bend.) So I inform her of my Wii injury. She smiles and we start talking gaming. Apparently, there's a PS3 dance game for under $100, so we do not have to purchase a new system. So we gab for awhile (after I fill out the forms.) I enter the doctor's office and tell the medical assistant my gimpy tale of woe with the Wii. She smiles, too. (I am, of course smiling and laughing about it. I could have had a more dignified injury.) She was sympathetic and even took my blood pressure on my left arm. She leaves me and informs me that the doctor will be in shortly. The kindly doctor comes in and talks to me about my condition. I inform him (again) my tale of Wii and woe. He examines my arm and shoulder and asks me to do arm exercises. So I am able to do the arm exercises. His diagnosis is that I pulled my shoulder and arm muscles (triceps). He recommends that I warm up before exercising and the pulled muscles are an indication that I need to use them more. So I quipped, "Are you telling me that I am getting old and need to tone up my flying squirrel muscles?" He laughed. I told him I was teasing him and he said, "I noticed. You're fishing." So basically, I was doing everything right by using heat and Aleve. I thanked him, he shook my hand, and I was on my way. I informed my gaming friend at the front about my injury and the flying squirrel remark. She laughed out loud. It was worth the $50 to make someone laugh and to have a good story to share.

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