Saturday, December 04, 2010

SoulPancake: Chew on This

"The Most Wasted of All Days is The One Without Laughter." -e.e. cummings (from SoulPancake)
Steve and I visited the LaSalle Branch to return books. A. teased us and said that I wasn't allowed to leave the branch without any books checked out. ;) So we obliged. I picked up a book by Rainn Wilson (of The Office fame.) Apparently, there is a website called SoulPancake. I checked it out and presented it to my class as part of my "Poetry and a Book" series. Rainn, with excerpts from other authors such as Dr. Drew and Amy Sedaris just to name a few, compiles a brilliant book about all facets of life. There are ideas to spark one's impagination and spaces to write in the book. My favorite parts of this book are the following: the quotes sprinkled throughout the pages like seasonings; the Blackout Poet pages. For this exercise, you take out a page from a magazine or newspaper, take out a black marker or sharpie, and black out words that do not fit. Leave the words in that you like. There is your poem. I will most likely use this as a class exercise. I will probably end up purchasing this book since I like it so much. Nice work, Rainn Wilson! :)

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