Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Steve and I dined with friends and then returned back to our place. We played Rock Band, and watched the ball descend down the pole over Times Square. Bless Dick Clark and his resilience. He's still doing the show, even after recovering from a stroke. How inspiring. As for resolutions, I used to be flippant. Pursuing ongoing goals rather than making resolutions seems more attainable to me. Here are some of my ongoing goals: *Continue to foster relationships with the people and fur children in my life. I am fortunate to have you. *Read and record more books on Goodreads than in the past two years. In 2009, I recorded 49 and in 2010 I recorded 47. I want to document at least 50 for 2011. Good readers make good writers. *Start graduate school next week. Enjoy the process rather than focusing so much on evaluation. *Continue to teach English and Communications. Improve my teaching and writing skills. *Jumpstart my jewelry (Lia Sophia) business. I made some mistakes and had some successes, but want to develop a steady side business. *Continue to pursue art, blogging, music, photography, storytelling, and writing. *Transform our home into the ultimate comfort space. We started this project in November. *Stay healthy, eat better, and exercise more. Oh, yes. Break down and buy a pair of reading glasses. Far-sightedness started recently. That's all for now! Enjoy your first day of 2011. -xo

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Shari said...

I wish you loads of luck and perseverance with your 2011 goals, Lori. Here's hoping this entire decade just gets better from this point forward. :)

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