Thursday, February 17, 2011

Catkins for the Lady Cats

Okay, as I may have mentioned before, Moshi was definitely a bit heftier than she should be. She tipped the proverbial cat scales at over 11 pounds. No wonder I can feel the "thud" when she jumps on the bed. After visiting our vet and feeling somewhat guilty that we contribute to the cat obesity population, we decided to put the Lady Cats on a diet. (Psst! Don't tell them. Sakura may start spraying again.) Since Sakura is now approaching the age where she can be weaned off kitten chow and fed the adult version, we are slowly switching over to the adult version. Yes, although we have three cats of three different ages, there is no way we have the time or patience to give each one their own. Plus, monitoring them is an adventure in itself. Inadvertedly, the chow is always tastier in the other bowl, so we needed to make sure all the cats had access to food. We use organic cat food and we noticed a significant improvement in Java's health. So switching to the adult organic food will help trim their waistlines. We all know this winter promoted hibernation and not exercise. Until we can let the cats out to enjoy "porch time", We caught a sale at PetSmart and purchased a cat condo to help them exercise. (It gives our furniture a reprieve, too.) As you see in the photographs, it is a wise investment. However, there are still moments of laziness and relaxation; winter is not yet over. (In the first photograph, Sakura is on the end table. This happens at least once a day. Moshi is snuggling under the covers in the next two photographs. In the last two photos,Java is caught playing on the kitty condo and jumping down. We were thrilled to see Java playing again.)

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