Saturday, February 26, 2011

Poetry, Continued

This afternoon I made the first round of selections for my upcoming book entitled "In the Family of Trees." It was interesting revisiting poems I have not seen in years. There are also some poems that may never see the proverbial light of day due to the dorkness factor. Having said that, I just may release a book of the dorky and crazy poems I wrote many years ago. How ironic if people would like those the most. Enclosed please find a light poem I wrote years ago (pre-1997) that would have been perfect for my Business Communication course I just taught in February 2011. Enjoy! Interview Shoes Although appearances can be shallow, it's the way to go! If there are rings from head to feet, an employer will say no. It's good to keep up with the trends, fashion can be fun! To dress in jeans and a funky top in an interview, you're done! To get your feet into the door, adorn them with new shoes! To dress with care and confidence, there's little chance to lose.

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