Sunday, February 27, 2011

Reliable Knowledge

In one of my courses this semester, we are reading a book called Reliable Knowledge: An Exploration of the Grounds for Belief in Science by John Ziman. It is a science book from a humanistic perspective. And for the first three chapters, I hated it. Last week a fellow student and I had to go through chapters one and two and formulate discussion questions. Ironically, my approach to this book was from a detailed, splitting-hairs perspective. Wrong approach. And then I felt stupid because I did not get it, especially in Chapter two, when we were discussing math. My nemesis. I really really wish I understood math, but my brain just does not comprehend it. And honestly, I am trying to convince my perfectionist self that it is okay. Now I know to approach the chapters we are assigned from a generalist, open perspective. I will have tomorrow to redeem myself. The latter chapters (there are seven but the information is dense) contain more interesting information about World Maps and Pictures, The Stuff of Reality, The World of Science, and Social Knowledge. There are even references to popular culture and literature such as a dalek and Alice in Wonderland. I may end up enjoying this book after all.

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