Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Tweet in Dreamland; Semicolons are for the Birds

The photograph above is my version of Twitter in Dreamland, with seagulls frolicking on Mission Beach in San Diego, California. My friends, I am experiencing surfing and San Diego withdrawal. Anyway, I celebrated my 200th tweet on Twitter with the following phrase: "I'm writing in the morning; I'm drumming in the evening." I would love to add "surfing in the afternoon", but the sentence would require a comma between morning, afternoon, and evening. You know what, that would be okay. I could totally lose the semicolon for a comma if that means I could catch a wave. I need to revise my tweet because I forgot to add the word "I'm" in the second part of the sentence. I'm a naughty writing instructor! (Forty lashes with a semicolon!) Semicolons are tricky and to be used with caution. A semicolon separates two independent clauses. An independent clause is a fancy term for a simple sentence. So if you want to impress your friends at a fancy soiree or at the beach, you can discuss independent clauses. In my opinion, semicolons are for the birds. They do look spiffy in a sentence, though. Of course, if they aren't used correctly, they just look silly. Birds look silly, too. Have you ever noticed a bird that didn't look somewhat silly?

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