Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Surprise: A Robin's Nest

It's a good thing that April is cold this spring. Usually I would have had the front yard somewhat trimmed up already. We have overgrown foliage in our front yard, in particular, a tall bush or tree.(I'm not sure which one it is.) Anyway, it grew this winter and needed to be trimmed. However, a certain event prevented this trimming from occuring. In the past week,robins angrily scold Steve and me as we enter and exit via the front porch. I said to Steve, "I think there's a nest!" We looked and there it is, a beautiful bird's nest adorned with three blue eggs. We are being careful not to disturb the nest and are doing our best not to irritate the bird mother. I think the bird father is nearby, because we encounter multiple chirpings as we venture outside. Even if we use the other doors, the nest is located right in the front near the driveway, so we cannot avoid it. And I am kind of glad I cannot avoid it, because this next reminds me of the small treasures of life and the beauty of spring--even a cold spring.

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