Health Fair and Fantasy Freaks

Today has been a day of learning. This morning I was an exhibitor for a Health Fair at the college where I teach. I focused on writing, poetry in particular, and how it can be therapeutic. I brought in a couple of academic articles about writing poetry and therapeutic aspects of writing. I may start a Haiku Club on campus. We'll see. I also brought in a Magnetic Poetry kit with pieces of words and a board. Faculty and students stopped by the table to play. I was also able to inform people about my book. I had one person interested in purchasing a book and many people took flyers. A couple of ideas came to mind: 1.) Making refrigerator magnets that look like the book covers with information, and 2.)Having a bowl of suckers that have labels affixed. I noticed that on another exhibitor's table. Tonight Steve and I attended a lecture at the University of Notre Dame. Author Ethan Gilsdorf gave a great presentation based on his book "Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks." Steve and I met him at Gen Con two years ago. He was/is very friendly and we bought his book. :) He's forty-four and part of our Generation X, so Steve and I could relate. Ethan Gilsdorf also related well to the younger generations in the audience through humor. I learned a lot from his lecture from both a popular culture perspective and an author's point of view. Good stuff.


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