In the Family of Trees is Published! :)

The book is out! Squee! Steve and I approved the second proof and set up the online store. We used a company called CreateSpace, which is owned by There is some editing on their side. They had to approve the drafts for the online store.I am very happy that this book is published. April 3, 2011 will always be memorable. If you are interested in purchasing a copy,please visit my store!-xo


Dawg said…
The cover looks great and I'll find out about the rest soon - my order is on its way - good job!
Izze's Art said…
Congratulations Lori!!! I'm so so proud of you and don't ya fell absolutely wonderful?
Lori said…
Thank you, Dawg! (*hug*)
Cathi-It feels wonderful. :)

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