Thursday, April 07, 2011

Reflections on the Week

Wow. Tuesday night can be summed up in a word: awesome. We had a nice group of about 20 people at the library. Steve presented a great powerpoint on content creation and then I presented poetry. We are going to take this on the road and present together again. There are so many artists, musicians, and writers that need a platform to publish their materials. I want people to have the same feeling I did when I autographed my first solo book. The River Park Branch Library staff went all out for my night and I will always be grateful. After the presentation, a few of us mingled, munched on cheese, and enjoyed carrots and hummus. We then ventured out to Hacienda and enjoyed a late dinner. We talked so long we closed out the restaurant. What a great night with friends! :) The funny thing is that Steve and I were so caught up in the night that we forgot to snap photographs! I'll need to snap photos of the last reminder of the night, which was the beautiful flowers S. bought for the occasion.

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