Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kaijuville: An Inspirational Blog

I have been thinking about blogging lately. I have been thinking about giving my blog a virtual makeover. This blog will turn six in September. Although I have changed the background several times in Marimba and Ice, I feel as if I need to make a change. This blog needs to take a turn in another direction. The question is, where? I look at other blogs for inspiration. I don't have to look far. My husband, Steve, upgraded his blog and it looks amazing. It always looked professional, but he took his blog to a new level. He added a banner ad, inserted a new subheading under his title, and recreated a visual collage of books and movies that adorn the top of the blog. Inscribed over the heading is his longtime blog title, Kaijuville. He linked his blog to an RSS feed aggregator site. In layperson's terms, he linked his blog to a website along with other bloggers in order to increase traffic and visibility. Steve's talents for graphic design, marketing, and professional text inspires me to look at Marimba and Ice through new eyes and new opportunities. Steve's blog is one of many reasons why it is so important to read and view the writings of others. To become a better writer, one must become a better reader. I have read this in all the writing books. It is true. I am fortunate to be married to a humble and talented writer.

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