Monday, May 30, 2011

Restful Weekend

Here is an adorable photograph of Sakura and Moshi. (Java was most likely sleeping upstairs.) Steve and I enjoyed an uneventful weekend. This was done on purpose. We wanted a quiet and peaceful few days. That is our approach to holidays these days. Calm, quiet, and as normal as possible. Mission accomplished. On Saturday, we scheduled a non-day. We scheduled ourselves to relax. (Relaxing for me is rather difficult.) Saturday night we attended an annual party called "The Big Eat". We've been going every year for years. Over fourteen years, in fact. That was the only event we planned this weekend. On Sunday, I weeded the garden quite a bit. Fortunately, I stopped working in the yard about a half hour before the storm hit us. I'm grateful I didn't have to water the flowers I transplanted. Monday was too warm to garden, so I stayed inside, relaxed, and worked on my classes. I start teaching again tomorrow: World Literature and an Independent Study (Composition II).

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