Sunday, June 05, 2011

Poetry Garden

I spent about seven hours this weekend gardening. I caught a sale while shopping at Lowe's on Friday afternoon. Then I hurried home, planned, and planted both annuals and perennials in the backyard. I also swept the deck, watered, and weeded. The backyard is where the main part of the poetry garden is taking shape. Friday night Steve and I entertained friends in the garden. It was delightful to take friends around and share our latest creative endeavors. Saturday, I ventured to the Farmer's Market and met a girlfriend for breakfast. After breakfast, we shopped for a little while. I purchased a few more perennials and a few stones. I also took some rocks and painted them. Adding glitter to the rocks with sealant will make the garden sparkle in the sunlight. This is the first summer that I feel like the garden is truly a portrayal of us. By no means is it a perfectly manicured formal garden. I love those kind of gardens, but we don't make the time or have the energy to maintain that kind of green space. Our space is delightfully cozy, hairy, and overgrown, but in a purposeful kind of way. It works. I have a new appreciation for my garden. It's ours. I started the memory/poetry garden last summer. However, last summer was dry and hot. This spring has been practically a monsoon season,so we are enjoying the beautiful greenery and blooms. The poems are forthcoming. I ordered a poetry garden stones kit this spring. Recently, a friend advised me online to go to my happy place. I was having a challenging week. I asked her, "Where is my happy place?" She responded, "Any place where you don't have to put on the bun." All I have to do is look outside my window into my yard. I found my happy place. I created my happy place. And that, my friends, is a key to happiness.

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