Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sojourn in Milwaukee and Other Random Thoughts

Steve mentioned that I haven't posted for awhile. I looked down at the date on the computer screen. He's right. It's been over a week. Well, here are my thoughts; not all of them are written in a completely linear fashion. I have never been accused of being linear.
Steve and I traveled to and sojourned in Milwaukee, WI for a few days for the 2011 Lia Sophia Conference. It was a lot of fun. I spent time with Steve, a lovely person in my group, and I met other lovely women. The speakers were amazing. My favorites were Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz (Go for No!), Mikki Williams, and Geena Davis. Of course, a prime focus is on the glamorous jewelry and the new line of baubles, but like any other goods or services, the jewelry serves as a catalyst for relationships.
Sometimes relationships thrive; sometimes relationships don't survive. There's always a lesson learned from every encounter or every relationship. Are there things I would do or say differently? Are there times where I should have spoken up sooner rather than internalizing into a boil? Absolutely. All I can do now is learn from--and not dwell on-- past experiences and move forward.
However ugly or uncomfortable, conflict produces change. That change is energy. The energy can be put into positive or negative endeavors. Admittedly, for those of you who know me well, I delved into a shadow of grief for a long time. Occasionally, I still make fleeting disappearances into shadow, particularly on a significant date, when I am overly stressed, or of weak constitution. Overall, I am continuing to overcome the grippling claws of sadness that threaten to drag my spirit back into shadow by facing the light. I am overcoming this by accepting love from others, sending positive energy to others, spending time with others. So I set my sights onto positive endeavors: my loved ones, my creative endeavors, my education, and my wellness.
And my garden is spectacular this year. How can a garden be truly beautiful if there is only sunshine and no rain?


Kaiju said...

Great post!

Hillary Lucas said...

I'm so glad that you are doing so well with Lia Sophia. I understand your contemplative feelings about relationships. Ditto!

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