Thursday, June 09, 2011

Tear Garden

Yesterday afternoon, I returned home from errands and surveyed the yard. The weather, well over 90 degrees, was taking its tool on my garden. The oppressive heat and humidity caused some of the flowers to wilt, the grasses to yellow slightly, and some the leaves on trees to drop. It was almost as if the flowers and trees had shoulders that were hunching over in defeat. I watered the garden and then went back into the house. Since Monday,I reflected my garden's state this weekend: dry, parched, and wilting under the stress of the elements. I cried last night; Last night, the sky cried too. This morning, I cried; this morning, the sky cried too. This morning,I looked out into my garden. The grasses greened; the stems on the flowers and the branches on the trees straightened. The wildflower garden grew. The roses continued to bloom. And I am feeling more synchronious with my garden; we will continue to grow throughout the season, despite what we weather on any given day.

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