Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Seven Days Looking Up at Forty

Today is July 13. In seven days, on the seventh month of 2011, I will be forty. It is surreal. I realize it is only a number. However, it is a significant number. When I turned thirty, I wanted to write and chronicle the days of that year. I may still be able to find journals and piece events together. Fortunately, with the emergence of social networking and the weblog, I will be able to chronicle my 365 days online. I am excited for the challenge. Many people ask, how I am going to celebrate my 40th birthday? I am going to celebrate it all year long with positive people and pets. My birthday happens to fall on a Wednesday this year, so Steve and I will most likely enjoy a nice dinner and watch the sunset from our front porch or deck, depending on the weather. I know it sounds a little boring, since it's the "big day", but in late I have learned to enjoy the calm and quiet moments in life. I cherish those moments.

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