Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quoting Robert Frost

For my writing class, I located a quote online by Robert Frost, who is one of my favorite poets: "Poets need not to go to Niagra to write about the force of falling water." Robert Frost.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

800th Blog Posting :)

I can't believe I've posted 800 blog entries. In a way, Marimba and Ice has been an old friend, a quiet listener, and a very effective outlet for creativity and grief. When I started writing Off the Vine last month, I considered shutting down this blog. There's too much history here, though, so I can't bring myself to do it. So Marimba and Ice stays-- and stays as long as I continue posting.
To celebrate my 800th blog post, I wrote a short-short story inspired by Amanda Holzer's story "Love and Other Catastraphes: A Mix Tape." I dedicate this story and this posting to my literature students:
(Pronounce as Cheers)
"Hello" (Evanescence), "Dreams" (The Cranberries), "You Learn" (Alanis Morrisette), "Soak Up the Sun" (Sheryl Crow), "Life is a Highway" (Tom Cochrane), "Ray of Light" (Madonna), "Praise You" (Fatboy Slim), "Waiting for Wednesday" (Lisa Loeb), "Music" (Madonna), "Shining Star" (Earth, Wind, and Fire), "This is the Day" (The The), "You've Got a Friend" (James Taylor).

Monday, August 22, 2011

Doctor Who, Police Box, and Dalek, Oh MY!

Doctor Who fans, here are photos that will make you smile. Steve surprised me by showing the Tardis to me. I jumped up and down like a little kid. I of course, had to feign my British accent and mock the Dalek by exclaiming "EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!"


Okay, I'll wrap this up. August is almost over and I'm still writing about Indy at Gen Con. I attended a writing session (titles and information TBA) and listened to a band play. There was a marimba player there, so naturally my interest was piqued. I purchased their CD. (Once I relocate it, I'll share it with you.) We had breakfast and lunch at the hotel. Finally, we had the nice server from last year! We visited the exhibit halls one more time before we left. It was a madhouse. It was great for the exhibitors; claustrophobic for me. We left soon after and encountered a bad thunderstorm. Steve, as always, was a calming influence.
Thank you, Steve, for being so sweet. Next year will be a better con for us. I'll have to have a con crud cootie shot so I stay healthy for the event. ;)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Darth Saturday

Steve and I descended downstairs to the restaurant, and we got our wonderful (GAH) server again. Good morning, sunshine. He makes a flippant comment that he got our check to us in a timely manner. Do you want a gold star? Just do your job! (For the record, we are not one of those creepy customers who servers write about in books. We are very friendly patrons. We. Are. Nice. People. Really.) Anyway, we paid the bill and left. We then headed to the exhibit hall. I obtained my geek badge. (Steve picked his up yesterday) The exhibit hall was enormous! We took photos of the Star Wars entourage and the Jedi Mind trick was played on Darth Vader. He was moved (by the harried staff member) to the other side of the galaxy (okay, conference hall). I attended a writing seminar. Afterwards, we went back to the room. I relaxed in the room and slept. Steve read. We met up with friends later and dined out at The Ram, which is the hot geek spot in the heart of the con. I went back to the room and rested. Steve went out with friends. Overall, it was a good day.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Gen Con: Friday Night

So we enter the room. The first thing I do clean up. I shoo Steve out and tell him enjoy himself at the con. Then I don my pajamas and fall into a deep slumber. I sleep for several hours. When I wake up, I start reading Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck. I finish it Friday night and anticipate a better day on Saturday.

Gen Con 2011: Friday Afternoon

The adventure continued. While we were waiting for our hotel room, we experienced bad service at the restaurant inside the hotel. It was the shiny object moment man who waited on us. I can relate, but there's a reason why I am not a server. Later, he makes a snarky comment about getting our bill in a more timely manner. Yes, we had shiny object moment man twice. Lucky us. :
After we finished eating, we waited for our room. Steve asked the attendee several times. She finally said tersely that we'll just have to wait. (I was incensed at this point.) The attendee knew how angry (and sick) I was, so she put in a rush order. I did appreciate that. We should have asked for a manager, though. Finally, we got our room. I missed my writing session at the convention. I called and left a message for the hotel manager, but he did not return my call. I will be drafting a letter to a district manager.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gen Con 2011: Friday Morning, or Losing My Lunch in All the Wrong Places

This year was our National Lampoon's Gen-cation. In anticipation of Nerdapalozza, we drove up this morning. Unfortunately, I caught "con crud" prior to the event with about ten hours' sleep in two days. In the heart of Kokomo, perhaps from the infamous Kokomo hum or car sickness from the stop and go traffic lights, we pulled over and I was promptly sick in the ditch, surrounded by the beauty of white and purple wildflowers. It reminded me of the beginnings of a proverbial country & western (c & w) song: "Losing my lunch in all the wrong places..." On the sunny side, except for losing my car, my job, and my man, I only lost my lunch. So according to the imaginary c & w song swirling in my head, I considered myself fortunate. Anyway, we arrived in Indianapolis shortly before noon. However, our room at the downtown Hilton in Indy wasn't ready. In prior years, our room was ready for us. This year, the hotel booked another convention; in addition to Gen Con, there was a fraternity convention. The eclectic mix of people sporting polo tops and khakis with the creative wear of Con folk amused us.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Another Lost Poem Found in my Files

This is a good night poem if you have a case of the grumpies... or if it's just an overcast night...
say goodnight, moonlight
grumpy clouds tumble over covering your night lcs/ 2008 (?)

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