Monday, August 22, 2011


Okay, I'll wrap this up. August is almost over and I'm still writing about Indy at Gen Con. I attended a writing session (titles and information TBA) and listened to a band play. There was a marimba player there, so naturally my interest was piqued. I purchased their CD. (Once I relocate it, I'll share it with you.) We had breakfast and lunch at the hotel. Finally, we had the nice server from last year! We visited the exhibit halls one more time before we left. It was a madhouse. It was great for the exhibitors; claustrophobic for me. We left soon after and encountered a bad thunderstorm. Steve, as always, was a calming influence.
Thank you, Steve, for being so sweet. Next year will be a better con for us. I'll have to have a con crud cootie shot so I stay healthy for the event. ;)

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Kaiju said...

No worries! :)

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