Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Using the Five Senses to Inspire Writers

My supervisor asked me to present a session to colleagues at BMC tomorrow for an in-class session. I also needed to post to my neglected blog, so I thought I would accomplish both this morning. The topic I will be presenting tomorrow is on inspiring writers to write using the five senses: hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and touching. I will bring in an item or a photograph to demonstrate the five senses and then participants will engage in freewriting (writing anything that comes to mind). Here are the some of the examples I will be using:
1. Hearing: I will bring in my ocean drum to play and pass around the drum.
2. Seeing: I will upload a photograph from the zoo visit.
3. Smelling: I will bring in lotions for people to smell.
4. Tasting: I will bring in Oreo cookies for people to sample. There's an interesting book in my foodie lit class that I will bring in to share.
5. Touching: I will bring in Spitfire the Puppet Dragon.
I will also bring books to share, a raffle prize (one of my books), and have someone draw a number for each of the senses. This way, the session will be conducted randomly.
Thank you for reading. I now have an outline.

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