Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Allergy Test Wednesday

Later this morning I will be visiting a new allergist to find out why I keep getting respiratory infections and asthma. It will be my fourth or fifth date with the irritating scratches on my arm and back; I was seven when I had my first round of tests. Hopefully I will not be severely allergic to cats, diet coke, or wine. When I asked my sweet husband what we would do if I was allergic to the Lady Cats, Steve replied, "We'll miss you." Hrumph. Admittedly, I laughed. Steve has a great sense of humor. (Steve's still laughing at his joke.) Hopefully, I'm not allergic to Hungarians, otherwise I may have to get cootie shots.

1 comment:

Kaiju said...

Hee hee! :)

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