Friday, October 14, 2011

"Give In" Poem from 2005

Poem from the Lost Files. I wrote this on a piece of paper after I received an autographed CD in 2005. Anne Heaton is one of my favorite musicians. Thank you, Anne, for inspiring me. “Give In” “To Lori, Enjoy… Anne Heaton.” Tired from a long week and resting up for a little bit more of my week among the bills among the other imposing snail mail I receive a surprise package It was the CD I purchased A short time and forgotten ago I threw on my Inspiration pajamas (you know the ones broken in with all the holes) took out the library’s Eragon CD book one and replaced it. With the CD purchased A short time and almost forgotten ago Music on CD Armed with pencil in hand Attempting to transcribe the words whirring in my weary head “Give In,” Anne sang As I write until I am spent Until I turn out the light in my mind. and fell asleep. LCS/ 2005

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