Saturday, October 01, 2011

Java Cat Turns Thirteen in October

(Java is on the right; Moshi is on the left.)
Wow. This resilient kitty turns thirteen this month. We do not know the exact date since we adopted her in January of 1999. She was three months old and resembled a fox more than a cat. Eventually this shy, skittish young kitten morphed into an assertive and loving companion.
Java weathered a lot of seasons with us, such as losing her older (and favorite) brother, Jack and her younger sister Latte within two years. Java also endured changes with the second generation of kitties: Moshi and Sakura. She also experienced health issues over the years: an abscessed front fang, kidney disease, and arthritis. We thought we were going to lose her a couple times in the last few years. However, Miss Java carries on in her dignified Lady Cat way. We also switched to organic cat food in the last couple years and swear by it. Java is doing well with it. Interestingly, with the exception of Jack, Java and her sisters were all brought to us by friends or friends of friends. Java was the only feline that was not abandoned, hungry, incarcerated, or tossed out of a moving vehicle. Java was given to us from the comforts of a nice home with other kitties and we are grateful to have her. We understand all too well that every day with Java--and all of our loved ones--is a gift.

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