Sunday, November 06, 2011

Humans 3, Lady Cats 2

(Java, Sakura, and Moshi, 2011)
Steve and I spent our Sunday afternoon replacing the fabric underneath the couch. Moshi and Sakura Hemingway have discovered that if they scratch hard enough, they can tear open the fabric and crawl inside. How convenient for them. However, it was disconcerting to feel them in the sofa when one is attempting to relax. In addition, the gray stuffing was hanging down and all over the floor. (*sigh*)
So the sofa is tipped over on its side; Steve is doing most of the unstapling/stapling while I am attempting to keep the Lady Cats occupied. See, it looks like great fun for kitties to watch humans tear and staple fabric. They want to participate, too. And yes, the Lady Cats are so helpful as they get underfoot. Miss Java Cat is the only one to have the sense to stay out of the way; as the mature Lady Cat, she respectfully heads upstairs and makes a nest in the upstairs bedroom.
After the last staple has been pushed into the couch and tipped back to normal, Moshi decides to crawl under again, take one (or several) sharp claws, and proceeds to slice into the fabric. Steve and I just look at eachother. "I'm going to have a glass of wine," I said. "Pour me one, too," Steve responded. So I found a large shoe organizer that resembles a suitcase and holds twelve pairs of shoes, gathered several pairs of shoes, placed them in the respective boxes, and scooted it under the couch. Moshi crawled under the couch for a second, but could not find enough space to get to the fabric. Ha, we win--for now, at least.

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