Saturday, November 05, 2011

I Dream of Cheese

My dreams are usually strange, but what is the definition of strange in regards to dreams? Perhaps in the paradigm of dreams, my dreams are perfectly normal. Alas, the dreams I experienced last night are worthy--and appropriate--to share. To preface, I am teaching an extra section of Effective Public Speaking this month. So basically, I teach two four-hour classes back-to-back three days a week and then spend the rest of my time attending faculty meetings, conferring with students, and grading. Fortunately, grading is lighter in speech class because I am grading as students are speaking. It's been enjoyable so far. I hope my students are enjoying class or at least dreading it a little less. Back to dreams. I was taking speech again; it was a large class. The assignment was to present an extemporaneous speech. I remember the classroom took place in a building with a lot of corridors, hallways, and rooms; it was like a maze. Also, I had a lot of bags of clothes with me. I was going to wear a crimson silky sweater dress with my boots. (Note: I rarely wear anything with red.) My speech was on the topic of cheese and it had to be interactive. I was going to explain three kinds of cheese. Well, when I walked around the corner, the professor was closing and locking the door. She said the speeches were done for the day and that I was trying to hide until tomorrow, using the name of Joan or Joanne as an abili. I told her that it was not true and that I would present my speech today if needed. (I remember not having the speech planned.) She responded and said okay and turned the key to the lock on the door. And then I woke up. Perhaps the strange dream was due to the large piece of sugary ninja cake I ingested last night at a friend's baby shower. (Yes, I said ninja. That's another blog piece.) At least it was an amusing dream, as I had all my clothing on and all of my teeth intact. (The dreams I've had with my teeth falling out are quite disturbing.) Anyhoo, last night was the night I dreamed of cheese.

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