Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moshi 1, Spiderplant 0

Here's an adorable photograph of Moshi (left) and Sakura (right). I have an interesting tale about Moshi. I shall refer to her as Moshilla (like Gozilla) since she is acting rather beastly.
A colleague brought in a spider plant and gave them out to us. I had the plant in the downstairs bathroom in a glass of water. I made the mistake of leaving it on top of the counter last night. (I was planning to replant it.) This morning, I notice that most of the tiny plant is gone. I wonder who the culprit was? Well, as I type this entry in my office, a little cat walks in, slithers around the perameter of the room, and catapults towards my spider plant that is near the window. Fortunately, I was armed with a spray bottle to protect my plants from this ovnivorous beast.
(She's lucky she's adorable.) Now I know who is responsible for the bite marks on my plants and I am grateful to only have safe plants around.

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