Monday, November 28, 2011

Moshi the Feral

Steve and I agree that Moshi is the most laid-back kitty in the house. She has a sweet disposition, and always concerned about her humans or her sister cats. However, there are two instances where Moshi transforms into a frightening feral beast: a) when she sees the cat carrier; and b) when she sees another cat in the backyard. Okay, we could technically add a third instance: feeding time. However, we adopted her as a hungry stray kitten, so we'll give her a pass. I hear a growl from the dining room and notice that there is one of the locals peering through the glass. I then notice Moshi emit another yowl. Her entire torso is splayed on the glass with all four limbs stretched out. Moshi's tail resembles the plume of a red fox, and she lets out another yowl. At this point Javacat chimes in with a low alto yowl and the Lady Cat chorus fills the room. Sakura, confused, crawls towards Moshi, who hisses and attempts to claw her sister. At this point, I knock on the glass and shoo the lovely visitor (black cat with green eyes) away. Peace is again restored in the Sigety household.

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