Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Happy December

Happy December! I am a little late; it is December 6. I am standing by the old adage that "late is better than never." Like everyone else, Steve and I have been extremely busy. Doesn't it seem like everything--including gatherings--occur on the same date at the same time? This happened several times already in the past week and a half during the second and third days of teaching courses this month. I had a Lia Sophia soiree scheduled on Tuesday night and a presentation at Greenwood Public Library on Thursday. Fortunately, I communicated with my supervisor prior to signing the monthly agreement to teach. (Yay for good communication and a supportive supervisor.) Everything turned out fine. The soiree went well; my friends hosted "the man show." Men showed up to shop and purchase baubles for partners and spouses. It was great. I may try out more "man shows" next year. Thursday Steve and I travelled to Indy and Greenwood to present and stay overnight. Our presentation was twofold: to give writer's inspiration and writing props; and to educate people on how to publish using CreateSpace. There were at least seventeen people. I met lovely new people and Greenwood Public Library staff was fantastic. K. (and D.) spoiled us with an honorarium,swag,and dinner. I have to say that Steve was quite the trooper, as he fought a nasty cold for two days last week. Honestly, the rest of the weekend was a blur of festivities. It was nice--and exhausting. I'm still dragging this week. Once class is over for the semester at IU and my class is over for the month at BMC, I will be able to catch my breath, reflect on the successes of the year, and relax until January.

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