Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunny Sunday at Merrifield Park

It's a lovely Sunday afternoon and I took advantage of the sunshine. After lathering on sunscreen--even in the winter--I took my license, park id, ice skates, three dollars I borrowed from Steve-- and drove to Merrified Park. I brought my skates, paid my fee, turned on the itunes, and just started skating laps around the rink. I almost had the rink to myself, which is even more lovely. After the first couple cautious laps to get my bearings-- or my ice legs--, I just zoned out and skated to music. I'm sure the other skaters appreciated my occasional breaking into song, but what's more amusing than a skating serenade on a Sunday afternoon? It was the best three dollars spent; perhaps I will purchase a season pass. Hopefully, the skating session will help counteract the multitude of gastronomic sins I have committed in the past month.

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