Classes and Presentations

The first month of 2012 has been busy so far. Since it's January, my least favorite month of the year, that's fine. This month I am teaching two four-hour classes (Composition I) three days a week and tutoring on Wednesdays. This semester, I am taking a four-credit course (Stylistics), a one-credit course (The Communist Manifesto), and I just signed up for a two-credit independent study course. So yes, that makes seven credits of graduate work this winter/spring. However, it's been a LOT of fun and it will be worth it. At the end of this semester, I'll be fourteen credits towards my MLS. Woo-hoo! Steve and I also presented a session on the indie publishing platform at the Francis Branch Library, and I presented a session at BMC on the same topic. I also met with a friend about setting up a website. And it's only January 21. Whew! It's been a prosperous month. There are twelve copies of my book at the St. Joseph County Public Library and ALL but the reference copy is checked out! Mishawaka Public Library also picked up a copy. It is such a validation as a writer, and I hope to continue inspiring others to write and get their work published.


Kaiju said…
Kittencaboodle said…
You should be very proud!
Lori said…
Thank you, Kaiju and Kittencaboodle! :)

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