A Sunday March for Sakura

This is one of those kind of days. Today as I type, Sakura climbs up next to me on the couch and goes into a trance, kneading on the gray blanket, first left polydactyl paw, then right polydactyl paw, in a march-like rhythm. Left-right, left-right, left-right,left-right. Her eyes are closed and she purrs softly. I wonder what Sakura is dreaming about,perhaps her kittenhood, and dare not interrupt this very sweet and primitive moment. Knead, purr,knead,purr,knead,purr. Knead,knead,knead. Purr, purr, purr. Then Sakura jumps off the couch and saunters into the office to greet Steve with her tail and then Steve lifts her on his lap. I'm sure the other cats are calling her a sellout to the humans.


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