Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Travelling Marimba: a Shakespearean Saturday

A Lover's Fancy
This afternoon, Steve and I brought my travelling marimba to Indiana University to rehearse for a fundraising concert. (The donations fund MLS scholarships.) Steve was grateful that it was just a small marimba this time. We set it up on the "bridge" (third floor) and rehearsed a few songs. The title of the program was A Lover's Fancy. I played "Now is the Month of May", "Ronde", "La Mourisque" with The MLS Players. The MLS Players consisted of faculty and staff. Other songs were "Thyrsis and Milla", "She Straight Her Light Silken Coats", and "Awake Sweet Love, Thou Art Returned." My friend M. sang beautifully. Faculty also read works from Shakespeare, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Philip Sidney, Christopher Marlowe, and Michael Drayton. It was so much fun to see people again and to play music. Playing recently for friends and events made me realize how much I missed playing drums and percussion, and not just for me, but to pay it forward.
The roses in my garden bloomed early this year, so I was able to cut them and give them away. I was able to bring them to the program, display roses in glass bowls and scatter rose petals on the refreshment tables. That's the beauty of flowers: growing them and then giving them away.
Tonight, I ventured out into the garden and weeded near the rosebush and pleased with my progress. I was then surprised by my friend and her granddaughter. They brought flowers, gluten free cookies, a note, and a photograph. We sat down in the backyard, lit a large candle, and just looked out at the garden. This was a reminder to not just work, but to enjoy the garden as well. I look forward to delving into the yard tomorrow, listen to music, and continue working in the yard.

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