Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Full Moon Rising

Last night, I noticed the full moon looking over the boulevard. (Yes, I howled. Several times.) Steve and I also noticed that the Lady Cats were well-behaved. They entered the house from the porch on their own, without prompting or bribes. (Yes, we are well-trained.) Java jumped off the second tier of the porch, jumped onto the ledge, gingerly climbed down the arm of the couch, and independently made her way indoors. (She's almost fourteen and still very independent.)Moshi also didn't have to be coaxed into the house. Sakura didn't even attack our feet last night. She briefly pawed at Steve's leg and then I held her briefly before she escaped. All during the full moon. However, this morning Sakura promptly pounced on me and bit my foot. The full moon is over, and the Sakura-monster is back. Moshi pulled the plastic rolling ball out of the turbo-scratcher (a scrach pad with a plastic rolling ball on the outside) and grunted. Hmmm. My cats behaved better during the full moon and returned to their mischief afterwards. We'll see what happens next month.

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