Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The SeaLake

I think I'm far enough into my story to safely say that I'm writing a novel. I'm at 10,632 words right now. It's been an interesting summer, so I'm taking that energy and pouring it into this story. Plus, writing a novel is on the proverbial bucket list. I'm over 10% into a draft and I'm gonna finish it. (There's a reason why I posted it on my FB wall and on this blog. Making a goal public is a good incentive for me to finish it.) A couple years ago I participated in the NaNoWriMo writing challenge. It's 50,000 words.I started the novel and stopped. Last year Steve and I were invited to present at Greenwood Public Library at the end of the challenge. (Thank you, D. & K.) Anyway, although Steve and I wrote and published a book, I was in awe of the audience members who followed through and finished it. The first draft is the worst draft. My draft so far is all over the place. I'm putting in dialogue here, description there, even if it's out of order. It totally is. I started this novel based on a series of freewrites I did when I was tutoring a student, so I will put the student's name in the dedication. A friend wrote and asked, "What is the premise of the story?" Good question. (Thanks, D.) I paused, and then needed to define the word. (I kind of knew what it was, but I'm a librarian. I need to look it up and define it.) According to, a premise can be defined as a plan or scheme proposed. Well, here's the proposed premise: It's a story about a cleric (Esmerelda Fontaine) who avenges her lover's demise in the war against the undead. (The group travels to the castle on foot.) Besides an army, she takes her comrades with her: a drunken fairy named June Moon and a gray wolf named Wolfie. It's a good versus evil story. (I don't want to give away any more details until a first draft is completely finished.) Thanks for reading. :)

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