Saturday, August 11, 2012

20,000 Words and Counting

I just finished writing 844 words today and now have a total of 20,844 words. This is the most I have ever written for one project, so this is an accomplishment! Writing a novel is one of the bucket list items I have wanted to complete and scratch off my list. I thought writing the great American novel would be more daunting,and I have had a couple of false starts. However, I am finding it enjoyable and even therapeutic. I continue adding details and dialogue and imagery and adding to the fantasy story. Then I am finding myself completing 500, 800, or even 1,000 words in one sitting. The key is consistency and practice. Write something every day, even if it doesn't seem to make sense or delves a bit from the story. Add dialogue here, add a detail there. Add a side story. The goal is 70,000 words, so there is enough of a story to mold.

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