Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In the Family of Trees on Order at IUSB!

MARC Record In the family of trees: selected poems and photographs, 1991-2011 Sigety, Lori Caskey Author: Sigety, Lori Caskey Title: In the family of trees: selected poems and photographs, 1991-2011 ISBN:1461023548 Holdings South Bend - Schurz Library (SBEND) Location 1)1 order(s) South Bend - Schurz Library (SBEND) 1 ON-ORDER I saw this on the Schurz Library website today! Woot! Woot! (*doing a happy dance*) Our little bucket-list-book-experiment has been interesting. I was surprised when Steve told me that Schurz Library was going to order a copy of the book, as neither one of us had approached the library about it. What a pleasant surprise! (Note to self: write thank-you note to acquisitions librarian.) What an affirmation and an honor to have a book in a university library. This inspires me to keep writing in order to encourage others to write. :) Next month I will be teaching Composition I in the evening. This is my absolute favorite course to teach, and the source of inspiration for pursuing therapeutic writing as my project at IUSB.

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Kaiju said...

It's actually here now, still need to catalog it. :)

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