Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Solstice

Fall is here. I felt it in my bones this week. And I really like it. The Lady Cats are enjoying the cooler weather, too. They gallop around the house and curl up together for mid-afternoon naps. Ah, the life of a Lady Cat.
Today I grabbed my digital camera, sauntered outside, and took a long walk on the Riverwalk. Isn’t it interesting how vibrant the flowers and foliage are when the sky is grey? Blue skies are beautiful with flowers as well, but it’s the intensity of grey that I take note of.

This week I started an additional gig. I teach three classes (two sections of reading 083 and one section of writing 093) at Ivy Tech Community College on top of teaching one night course at BMC. I would like to keep the jobs, plus sideline jewelry shows, book promotions, and programs, going as long as possible, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the elective course (D511) I’m taking this fall. There is fall break at BMC next week, so I can catch my breath, tweak the syllabus and focus more on the new gig before returning to both jobs after next week. Hopefully this week I can post more blogs and continue the novel. It’s almost 37,000 words now.

Steve is taking a well-deserved autumn break from his online teaching gig, and he is working hard at Schurz. (He’ll start teaching again next week.) Steve has also picked up writing again, and I’m happy to see that he is pursuing it more. He is an excellent writer; he needs a nudge to get more of his work published. (But that is ultimately his decision, of course.)

Cheers to a beautiful week! I hope yours is autumnal and beautiful.

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