Thursday, September 06, 2012

Interesting Wednesday

Yesterday was one of those character-building days. I didn't sleep well last night.It's late summmer in Indiana--congestion is to be expected. I had to cancel coffee with J. because I couldn't catch my breath. It had been a very long time since I had an asthma attack, so it was rather disconcerting. I called Steve and my allergist, and the South Bend clinic worked me in and gave me a breathing treament, then sent us home. That alone was surreal and strange. (Thank you, Steve, for taking me.I was too winded to drive.) Later that day, I answer the telephone and get the dreaded call from the doctor's office. "We need for you to come in for a diagnostic test and we scheduled you for Monday." Okay, then. That has never happened before.I almost cancaled going to class last night, but I'm enjoying it, and as a graduate student, I really need to attend. Steve nudged me to attend and it was a good distraction. Just in case I forgot(!), I also receive the follow-up letter in mail. (It's a cross-over in the mail. Grateful they are prompt.) "Thank you for your recent visit to our facility. There is an area on your Digital bilateral mammogram that requires further evaluation. I recommend that you return for special views." Special views? Does that mean it will image in 3D or something? (Bad joke, I know.) "An ultrasound may be required." Lovely. Why not skip the second mammogram and go straight for the ultrasound? Please spare another round of mamm-slamm! It's strange enough to listen to someone on the telephone talking about further testing, but it's disconcerting to open the mail and read it in print, which brings me to the point that the written word continues to be powerful. It could be nothing--or it could be something. Waiting is no fun: at least I am able to get in on Monday afternoon to find out what's going on. So, I have tried not to freak out, surf on the web to self-diagnose (dangerous!), and think the worst. But I am preparing myself and I've decided not to keep quiet about it, because I've already had two women who are now going to pursue mammograms.Therefore, this scare is worth it if another woman is saved. Will you keep you posted. Thanks for reading. xoxo

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