Sunday, September 16, 2012

Interesting Week

Last week was a long, strange trip. It started out well, as I helped a friend with rearranging furniture at her home. It made for a fun and festive afternoon. Monday was scary, but all's well, so enough of that nonsense. Wednesday and Friday I trained for classes at Ivy Tech Community College. In addition to the occasional monthly class I teach three nights a week, I will be teaching three courses from September 17-December 15. I'm teaching two reading courses and a writing course. I'm very excited and a litte apprehensive. I want to be able to do both successfully and really help people achieve in college. I've wanted to teach college since I was 18, so I am living my dream. :) Steve is also teaching two courses online on top of his daytime gig, so we're both following a similiar path. On Friday, I went to friend's house for film night, and there was a cyanide scare in Mishawaka. A fire started in an empty warehouse and noxious fumes permeated the area. Steve called my friend A., and caught me as I was walking out the door. Steve's folks watched it on the news and they alerted Steve. Of course, I left my cell phone on the porch, so Steve contacted my friend. So, he ended up staying the night at his folk's house and I stayed with my friends. Thank you, M. and K. for being awesome hosts! Saturday, I co-hosted a bachelorette party. But that's another blog post. :)

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