Friday, September 28, 2012

Stranded in Barcelona (Not!)

Well, it's been an interesting Friday. After teaching a section of writing 093, I visited the staff lounge on the third floor, and I opened my email to check my messages. Apparently, Steve and I are stranded in Barcelona and we needed $2,200 for our safe return.

My email was hacked. This fictitious tale of woe was sent through the interwebs by a hack who has nothing better to do, and this person is probably dwelling in someone's basement while clogging up innocent people's cyber accounts. Great. Every single person in my email account and on my facebook page received this email. And although it was out of my control, I am sorry.

Steve and I received phone calls, emails, and facebook messages from concerned friends and family. Although annoying and irritating, it was touching to hear from people I haven't heard from in a long time. In addition, Steve and I are enjoying the hilarious facebook postings on my wall. Perhaps we need to do something fun with it. Someone suggested that we photoshop a photo of Barcelona. Hmmm.


Cathi Isza said...

Lori, love your sense of humor, at least you're rolling with the punches. How awful though that EVERYONE?? (omg) got that email. I got one like that before, an elderly student and her hubby were robbed in England. I actually believed it. People are low down crooks. Internet is sometimes not a very safe place. So sorry this happened to you but so glad you had fun with it.

Hannah said...

Funny enough, I just found that email in my spam folder the other day, although I was positive that it was a scam because I knew you would never have so many spelling and grammar errors!!!

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