Writing and Freerice

It seems that I have been writing everywhere except for here. I’m over 41,000 words into my novel, teaching four English courses at two different colleges (I’m crazy, I know), and taking an editing and writing class. It’s been an immersion of words; I’m enjoying living the writerly life.

In my literature, reading, and writing courses, something that I do in every class is play freerice.com. It’s a non-profit website published by the World Food Programme. I learned about this website at a conference. Basically, there are multiple choice questions in different subject categories. (We usually choose English and vocabulary.) A word comes up on the screen and people yell out the answer. For every correct answer, a little grain of virtual rice (ten grains) appears in a virtual wooden bowl. After 100 grains, a little rice ball appears on the right hand side. After 1000 grains, a larger rice bowl appears on the right hand side. We play up to 1000 grains in my associate level courses; we venture into 2000 grains in my bachelor level courses. No matter what happens in class, when we play freerice.com, we are paying it forward and expanding our vocabulary.

The website is http://www.freerice.com. (Warning: it’s highly addictive. You can also download the app on your phone.)


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