Sunday, November 04, 2012

November Garden

I spent the hour we gained from falling back outdoors. I sauntered outside, and after taking a brisk stroll around the neighborhood,wandered into the backyard. It's time to start clean up. (I know many of my gardening friends have already completed this task.) I wait until most of the flowers are finished blooming. There were some diehard sunflowers and zinnias that kept blooming. Also, the hydrangeous plants are the gifts that keep on giving. The blooms have turned yet another gorgeous shade.

Sadly, I have to call the tree doctor this week and do the inevitable. The ash tree is dying. I can feel it. It's been a good tree for 12+ years that we've lived here. It's time to let go and we will probably cry when she's removed. We'll definitely have to use umbrellas next year out on the deck.

I looked at the beautiful garden that grew this season, but I am looking forward to next year's garden. I rescued a spider plant that was residing under weeds and brought it inside. There were two tomatoes that were left on the tomato plants and they were promptly eaten.

I also thought of Unity Gardens. Why not have a Unity Gardens in the boulevard? I think it would be a great gathering place for people and an inexpensive way to grow food.

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