Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Thursday

Losing track of time while on vacay. What day is this? Oh, yes, it's Thursday.

Enjoyed the company of family and friends over Christmas. We played board and card games, read, slept in as long as the Lady Cats would let us, viewed movies (must see Les Miserables at the theatre-amazing), and visited the library. Trying to finish 100 books by December 31 for the Goodreads Reading Challenge. (So far, 77 books down, 23 to go. Next year, the goal will be slightly pared down, especially if Victor Hugo is going to be one of the books to peruse in 2013. It's a monster.)

The weather is finally cooperating enough to plug in the iPod, pull out the ice skates, and start skating, as it is a great workout.

Here are some disgustingly adorable cat photos for your amusement.

Have a great weekend.

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