Friday, January 18, 2013

Salsa Friday in the Greenhouse

This is an image of one of the flowers during a field trip to the Potawatomi Conservatory.

Tonight I went salsa dancing in the Greenhouse for a dance lesson, good cardio, and funds to help the conservatory. I danced with my South Bend friends. D.S., you are an amazing dance instructor! There are advantages to living in a small city, as I run into cool people all the time. My apologies to the sweet lady behind me. I'm sorry I kept stepping on your toes, and bumping into you. Thank you for being so gracious. It was dark, but the plants and lights are amazing at night. I have ADD, so I cannot count dance steps very well and am prone to clumsiness. Apparently, I'm better at keeping rhythm than dancing to it.(Perhaps that is why the dancing was in darkness with twinkle lights.) If there were conga drums there tonight, this chica would be playing them! What an awesome way to end the week!

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