Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Writer's Block

First of all, check out the new layout. This is thanks to T. from SEO_Proz, a talented professional who I have been working for and with this month. I am really grateful for his assistance and his patience, especially when I ask questions or freeze up with writer's block.

I just got up awhile ago to eat. My legs are wobbly and my right eye is still sore. Earlier, the twitch over my right eye turned into a throb. Thank God for migraine medicine and sleep.  But I missed attending class again, and writing deadlines that I thought I could handle, and am seriously considering withdrawing from my writing class this semester.

Migraine-1, Lori-0.

But there are bright spots to this crazy week. I managed not to drive the porcelian bus this time with the migraine, and my kind professor encouraged me not to withdraw, and I am trying to be the best instructor and freelancer that I can be, evening though technology can be more of a stumbling block than effective teaching tools. And damn you, ADD, for being the biggest stumbling block of all. Oh, wait, this is supposed to be the shiny happy paragraph. Oops. Shiny object, rabid squirrel.

Migraine-1, Lori-1.

And Steve, of course, as always, is the rock in my life and continues to inspire me, even when I can hardly roll out of bed in the morning, especially in February, in the season of the concrete sky.

Lori-2, Migraine-1.

March will be here on Friday, and hoping for a clearing of the concrete sky, and the clearing of my fuzzy head, so I can write again.

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