Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Fever and Tip Jar

Spring Fever and Workout Tip Jar
The long winter is making spring so much sweeter.The porch feels wonderful today. The birds are chirping, the Lady Cats (Java, Moshi, and Sakura) are watching nature “Cat TV” from the porch as I sit on the wicker couch and continue to surf the net and type.   My Lady Cats motivate me to relax, not to exercise. I need to motivate myself.

So, although I need to be writing for work and class, I catch myself on Facebook. Again.  I do get inspired from social networking, though.  One of my girlfriends posted something on her page: a photograph of an enclosed glass jar. Painted on the jar is “Workout Tips”.  (Yes, there’s money inside the jar.)  The idea is that for every workout that you finish, a 10 minute walk, a 30 minute trek into the backyard to garden, or a 60 minute run, you tip yourself one dollar. Then, after a certain amount of money ($50.00 or $100), you take the money out of the tip jar and treat yourself. Get a massage. Go to the salon and get hairapy. Buy a new outfit for yourself.
 I believe I am going to create my own workout tip jar and try out this experiment. Not only does exercise help the body, it also soothes the spirit, and calm the mind, so I can stay focused enough to write. (Thank you, H., for the inspiration!)

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